The Shikhar and Kristin Saxena Foundation is proud to have sponsored this year’s PurseOnalities event on Friday September 17th!  The event raised funds for children and families receiving life-changing services from Child Saving Institute.  

Kristin is in her fourth year on the Board of Directors for CSI and we are firm supporters of this organization and all they do for kids in our community.  Child Saving Institute provides a multitude of programs including child welfare services, foster care, early childhood education, emergency shelter, and mental health services to young people in our community. 

The PurseOnalities luncheon event is hosted by the CSI Guild annually.  This year, the event featured speaker Damon West, relaying his story of finding opportunity in adversity and spreading his “Be a Coffee Bean” message about how we can all be a source of positivity in our own community.  His presentation served as a great reminder of why we started the Shikhar and Kristin Saxena Foundation in the first place.  The world can be a harsh and stressful place, but when we choose to spread hope and optimism, we can be a force for good for those around us.

His story and advice are truly moving and we highly encourage you to check out his message here: